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The Basketballer Man


Do you like basketball? This game is for the basketball lovers. It's based on realistic physics. In the game you play 1 on 1 matches. And, you can compete through LAN connection. In the game you can move, shoot, dunk and jump. It's very different from the other most of the mobile basketball games.HOW TO PLAYThere are two arrow keys for movement and two other buttons to shoot, to dunk and to jump. The A button is to shoot and to dunk. Press the button to shoot and hold it to dunk. And, the other button is to jump. If you jump near the basketball hoop you will jump again and higher.
STATSEach character in the game has jumping, shooting and speed stats.
CHARACTERSThere are over 10 characters you can unlock. You can unlock them by playing matches.
MULTIPLAYERYou can play against a friend in a device or through LAN connection.